With Impact Wizard you can make the social impact of your organisation or project visible.

Step by step, depending on the support and ambitions of your organisation, Impact Wizard guides you through the impact assessment process. In addition, you get tips about communicating your impact and you can maximise the impact of your organisation even further.

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What is impact?

Curbing poverty. Increasing resilience. Fostering environment-friendly behaviour. We all want to achieve a social impact.

The change that occurs due to your project in society or in the environment: that is your impact.

"Thanks to the re-use of second-hand materials sold in our shops, CO2 emissions have been cut by 70.000 tonnes this year."

"I have got back on my feet thanks to your support and friendship. I started applying for jobs again and have had the same job for three months now."
"My report card has improved a lot. I have got back my motivation to carry on. I have regained the belief that I can continue studying."

Want to know what impact you are having? Impact Wizard will put you on track.


Using Impact Wizard, you can assess the impact of a project or organisation. But why would you want to do that?

  • Are you trying to raise new funds? Or do you need to justify the investment you have already received?
  • Is it time to communicate differently about your organisation?
  • Are you looking for a way to motivate your staff better?
  • Want to better understand the outcome of your activities? And how you can improve it?

In all these cases, an impact assessment is something that you need.

But how do I take the bull by the horns? What should I assess first? And above all: how can you actually observe your impact? Impact Wizard gives answers to all those questions.


Each project and each organisation is different: in size, organisational growth… but there are a lot of other issues relating to impact.

Impact Wizard takes account of what you are working on, and the time and resources that you can put into an impact assessment.

So we developed an shorter version of Impact Wizard, for people who want to acquire initial, limited experience of impact assessment.


Process tracking is a task in its own right. You can find experienced coaches on the Support page. They can support you throughout your impact assessment. Not only in process tracking but also, for example, by carrying out surveys objectively, or analysing observations.

Impact Wizard puts you in contact.

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